Cran'bear'y the polar bear is very popular at the Alaska Zoo! Just ask anybody!

Updated: Dec. 30, 2022 at 7:55 PM EST
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The Alaska Zoo in Anchorage has a new temporary visitor; an orphaned male polar bear, and although he doesn’t have a name and the public can’t see him yet, he’s drawing attention to what might happen when the young cub is released from quarantine. When he was rescued, he was seen eating an arctic fox, which are known to have rabies. So, I visited the zoo to talk to zookeeper Sam Levin about the new addition, and the current edition, 20 year-old polar bear Cran’bear'y. But, like a lot of my stories, the focus turned from the amazing creatures in front of me to the two-legged variety standing beside me, in awe of what they were seeing — polar bears and people at the Alaskan Zoo… they never disappoint. So, we meet Reggie and his two daughters Lonnie and Aleigha. It was a ‘bear’y good interview. Have a story idea? Contact the Allgood News with Dave Allgood - Email: