Alaska couple catches moose losing antlers on doorbell camera

Updated: Dec. 22, 2022 at 2:00 AM EST
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Tyra and Chance Bogert told Dave Allgood of the Allgood News that they "were amazed and surprised to see the one-in-a-million occurrence" happen right beyond their doorstep. You see the moose walk into the frame from the left, he shakes like a dog trying to shed water and slightly bends over and — "pop" and "crack" — both his antlers snap off his head. The moose is obviously startled and hops and runs away. The chances of catching something like this on video are pretty rare and to date, the couple says they have almost five million views after posting it on TikTok. The antlers were big, measuring 50 inches across. They say they now have a great story to tell their 3-month-old son Thrasher. They are going to have the antlers mounted. And that story? Well, they have the video to prove it. Dave Allgood talked to the couple about the rare phenomenon caught on video in today's Allgood News. If you have a story idea for Dave, email