Honors continue to roll in for Greubel's Mixed Martial Arts

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Augusta, Ga--Mixed Martial Arts and the many disciplines associated with it, continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Greubel's gym in Augusta has gained national notoriety with the caliber of athletes they've produced. Now, it's more then the athletes.

Champions in any sport aren't born, they're made. In kickboxing, a lot of those world champions are coming from Greubels Mixed Martial Arts.

Now Mark Greubel is being rewarded for the success of his athletes, being named coach of the U.S. kickboxing team that will take part in the world championships.

"First of all I never thought I'd be able to do anything that cool, but now that I'm there, I know that I belong and it really motivates me to be a better coach then I was before." said Mark Greubel

He's humble, yet proud of the honor. And guys like Nathan Key have played a major roll in the success since the beginning.

"He was actually my first student in a sense." added Greubel "He came in when we were still buidling this place, it was just a bare concrete slab and I did a little jab drill with him and he just fell in love with it."

Key is a seven time world champion in kick boxing. He's also been hand picked to travel to Russia for an event against the United States.

"It's a very big honor." said Nathan Key "I don't know I guess it's just really nice to be like, alright, you're the one they want to fight, so alright, cool."

The International Olympic Committee is starting to recognize kickboxing more and it's been added to the 2017 World Games. The potential for it becoming an Olympic sport is a real possiblity. Don't think key hasnt' thought about competiting in the games

"I think that would be the feather in the cap, to just be able to represent your country on that stage because everybody watches the Olympics." said Key

Or Greubel hasn't thought about coaching a team as well.

"It would be a life long dream of mine" added Greubel "To do something that big, and if it happens, I'm going to defintitely make Augusta proud. I'm going to put more work in to that then I ever have anything before."

While Key is focusing a lot on kickboxing, he's also eyeing the potential move to the octegon and the world of mixed martial arts. He and Greubel are exploring the options that lie ahead of him.