Colorado State outpaces the field for Collegiate Disc Golf title

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

With championship and runner-up finishes in the last two years, Augusta State and Oregon were the clear favorites to take this year's Collegiate Disc Golf Championship.

No one saw Colorado State coming.

The Rams took a big lead into the final round and played a brilliant final day under pressure to take home their first title at disc golf's highest level.

Ezequiel Delatorre had the big shots down the stretch. His tee shot on the 19th and his 25-foot putt on the championship's final hole were clutch, and while he was happy he came through, he was more excited about being a national champ.

"I was very nervous. In the singles and individuals, these last two holes here took my score down to a pretty high score so I knew I had to get some revenge on these holes, and it was fun to do so," Delatorre said. "It's an honor to bring golf and represent our state. To actually win, that's another great plus so it's an honor."

As for Augusta State, the Jags started the day third and ended it in the same spot. It wasn't the national title they were looking for, but ASU has become a traditional threat in the sport.

In the last four years, they've finished 4th, 1st, 2nd and now 3rd.