Former USC Aiken star continues her battle with eye cancer

Meredith Legg
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Wednesday Dec. 23, 2009

Aiken, SC--It's been nearly nine months Since USC Aiken's all time leading scorer Meredith Legg was diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer. Now, Christmas week, Legg's outlook on life is crystal clear

"I never questioned why me, truely" said Meredith Legg "I definitely believe that the lord knew what he's doing."

Basketball has been Meredith Legg's life for 22 years. Every year, without fail, her dad would get her a ball for Christmas. This year, her best gift, is that of life itself.

"I mean I laugh about it now, but I don't sweat the small stuff. Obviously those who have seen me play I was really an emotional player. I let one play or one thing determine my emotions and you can't let that happen. And until your life is almost taken away from you, you don't appreciate it as much." added Legg

In April, Legg was diagnosed with cancer in her left eye, which easily could have taken her life. After plenty of treatment, the tumor, now classified as a scar, has shrunk to nearly half it's original size. Now Legg jokes about some of what she went through.

"I wore a bracelet that told me how radioactive I was...they wouldn't let me keep it and I really thought it was really neat." Meredith says laughing

A couple of months after the original diagnosis Legg tried to return to class. It didn't go so well and she went back home. But she did graduate with her teammates and classmates in May.

"I went to Philadelphia, then I said hey, you know what mom and dad I"m O.K. so just drop me off, I'll try to go to school. (long pause) You think you're superwoman when you're really not."

Meredith Legg is back in Aiken working and yes, coaching baketball at Meade Hall teaching kids 4th through 7th graders. That's where her biggest fear lies.

"My fear is not the coaching, my fear is playing again. I really haven't gotten into it again because I'm fearful."

Seeing or not seeing is very low on her to do list today.

"My knowledge of basketball has nothing to do with my vision. I can show them techniques and not be able to see. I know shooting like the back of my hand, I can shoot with my eyes closed." added Legg

But in reality, Meredith Legg's eyes are as open as a kids on Christmas morning.

Now she certainly isn't out of the woods yet with the cancer. Doctors aren't even sure what will happen next. She could lose her sight or eye or even get her vision back. And the worst case scenario, the cancer could spread. Legg does need to undergo yearly tests to check on that. But if she battles this like she does on the court, it's no match for Meredith Legg.