Coast Guard missed 1st paycheck over government shutdown

Cost of troops at border to be $132M by February

Oldest WWII veteran dies

Pentagon planning troop pullout from Afghanistan

Soldier who tried to help terrorists gets 25-year sentence

Fed-Ex delivery man folds fallen American flag

South Carolina man sentenced for scamming $200K from VA

Army Corps dedicates $41M to deepen South Carolina harbor

Troops away from home this Thanksgiving

New monument honors local Korean War Veterans

Vietnam Veteran Memorial Progress

Bill of Service: Veteran Helps Others

Vietnam veteran says he sees change in gratitude years after war

Prisoner of war reflects, "I thank God every day that I'm here"

The CSRA thanks its Veterans for bravery, courage and sacrifice

Midland Valley Park to hold Korean War Veteran monument

U.S. Army Ranger and South Carolina native killed in Afghanistan

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