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Walmart warns that higher tariffs will mean higher prices

Just 16 minutes of sleep loss can harm work concentration the next day

More parents are using retirement savings to support adult children

Walgreens to only sell tobacco to people over 21

Company makes meat vending machine

Risky places to swipe your debit card

Why your iPhone needs to be updated now

General Mills is giving away 15,000 boxes of Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms

Step aside Elf, Peep On A Perch is here for Easter!

Dick's Sporting Goods removing guns from 125 stores

Phone issues? Verizon is reporting outages along the east coast

All Charlotte Russe stores going out of business

Atlanta school warns students are getting drunk on vanilla extract

Wells Fargo nationwide outage affecting debit cards, online banking

Jury scams on the rise in the Augusta area

WATCH | How to disable Apple's Facetime due to ongoing bug

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