Lost pets across the CSRA

After 7 years, family reunited with dog thought dead

45 rattlesnakes removed from underneath Texas home

WATCH: Cow on the run heads to Chick-Fil-A for refuge!

April the giraffe gives birth again

Wildlife center asking for used mascara brushes to help animals

A brighter future: shelters rescue neglected horses in Grovetown

'Save the ones you can': Local animal rescue leader shows tough side of rescue

Two horses and a goat found dead after vicious attack

Hephzibah woman faces five charges after horses are on the loose for hours

Hephzibah horses on the loose, only some rescued

Louisiana woman charged in shooting of her pet llama, Earl

Vet of nearly 50 horses reported to be neglected says animals need a new home

Warrant issued at property of reported horse neglect

Pit bull attack in Whatley Place neighborhood

Beagle "adopts" baby possum after losing litter of puppies

SPCA Albrecht Center offers cheaper adoptions for Valentine's Day

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