Lost pets across the CSRA

Florida man opens front door; kinkajou runs in, bites him

FOTAS asks people to report cases of animal neglect across the county

Greenville Zoo's newest giraffe needs a name

Goose freed, got stuck in pizza driver's car grille

Oprah Winfrey visits Maui Humane Society following wildfire

Rare sea turtles smash nesting records in Georgia, Carolinas

Man pleads guilty to stealing lemur from California zoo

Mail delivery to Kentucky street suspended over dog attacks

Woman bitten by venomous snake while doing laundry at home

Deputies say alligator bit off piece of patrol car in Louisiana

New York becomes first state to ban cat declawing

Aiken County Animal Shelter needs your help after taking in 519 pets in one month!

Florida zoo celebrates its first lion birth in 30 years

UN health agency seeks to halve number of snakebite deaths

Chicago-area police warn of 'zombie raccoons' with distemper

Neighborhood alligator halts mail delivery in Florida

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