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I-TEAM UPDATE: Local parks close sections for renovations after electrocution

I-TEAM UPDATE: Illegal security guard investigation leads to changes at venues

Questions continue to surround case of man's death while walking down I-95

I-TEAM INVESTIGATION: Transparency test for local governments

I-TEAM INVESTIGATION: Your rights to information in GA & SC

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I-TEAM: Richmond County says they've fixed 90% of issues reported at Augusta Parks

I-TEAM UPDATE: Fleming Park investigation results not being released

I-TEAM UPDATE: Contractor slowly starting to pay back debts

I-TEAM UPDATE: Columbia County not following state requirements when licensing security company

City utility workers find 12 poles that emit 'low amount of voltage'

I-TEAM INVESTIGATES: 'Til Pets Do We Part? Who gets custody of Fluffy or Fido in a divorce?

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