Jordyn Dorsey emerging as one of the areas top basketball players

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Monday, Jan. 7, 2019
AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Not too long ago, the Cross Creek girls were dominating the basketball courts.

Region champs, and a final four appearance, thanks in part to Alana Davis.she's making her mark on the college scene -- now, Jordyn Dorsey is picking up where Davis left off.

They're different positions, but Dorsey has just as big a presence on the court. She's a playmaker with great court vision, which helps her facilitate the ball and allows her to score at will.

Dorsey is only a sophomore and is already regarded as one of the area's top players. The intensity Dorsey brings with her every day, takes her team's game to another level.

"Me not playing passive helps the team overall. Me getting other players open or taking low-percentage shots, will eventually go in and help to bring a team to a win." Dorsey said.

Dorsey already possesses leadership qualities. She's not afraid to call out her teammates . But she's also the first one to sing their praises.

That's a quality hard to find in a young player like Dorsey. That's what sets her apart. You can believe, Kim Schlein is happy to have Dorsey another two years.

"Very coachable. I like the fact that she listens to what you tell her. If she doesn't have a good game, she'll come and apologize to me. She's that type of kid that will grow and listen to what you're telling her," Schlein said. "The fact that we're young and that we're doing what we're doing now, it's a good feeling as a coach."

Dorsey says she has dreams of playing college ball with Dawn Staley at South Carolina. But she's willing to go anywhere, as long as she can hoop at the next level on a full ride.