Greubel ready for his biggest challenge

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Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019
AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Most of Mark Greubel's life has been dedicated to the sport of kickboxing. He's competed in it -- now he's Team USA's coach.

"It's like a life-action video game. It's ever-evolving, it's ever-changing. It's a lot of fun for me," Greubel said.

Greubel is close to having one of his dreams realized -- kickboxing in the Olympics.

"When kickboxing gets into the Olympics, it'll be amazing. The growth of our sport would happen so much quicker," Greubel said.

While the sport is on its way to becoming recognized by the International Olympic Commitee.

Team USA still faces an uphill battle, namely money.

"We have the top guys in the world, but we can't convince them to go with us on these tournaments. Initially, they're like 'yeah I'd love to.' But then I go, by the way you have to pay for your own airline ticket, and your own hotel and your own training expenses," Greubel said.

He's trained numerous world champions in the past, now he's hoping to add an Olympian in the future.

Before then, the sport still has many hurdles to clear before becoming an Olympic sport.