"You are all queens" Strom Thurmond High staff prides homecoming court after taking the field barefoot

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Saturday, Oct. 5, 2019

EDGEFIELD, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Strom Thurmond High School students are proving how a small gesture can make the world of a difference.

It happened on Friday night at the high school's homecoming football game. The homecoming court took to the field without shoes.

The Strom Thurmond High School Assistant Principal, Crystal Hadden, posted the sweet gesture on social media.

"If you’re wondering why our homecoming court took the field tonight without shoes, it’s because one of our candidates was ill before the game," Hadden said.

Family took to social media explaining how the student has down syndrome and epilepsy. We're told she had a seizure earlier that night.

Staff says the student was well enough to participate in the homecoming ceremony, but wasn't feeling well enough to walk with heels on.

"When the court learned this, without a second thought, they kicked off their shoes and agreed to walk barefoot as well," Hadden said. "I’m honored to know these beautiful young ladies."

"You are all queens," Hadden said. "Pride. Class. Courage. Will to win."

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