Woman Finds Stranger's Wedding Ring In Instant Pot

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(NBC) -- A lost wedding ring and an Instant Pot have brewed a fast new friendship in Port Orchard, Washington.

It all started in October when JoAnne Johnson and her husband took a trip to Walmart to buy an Instant Pot.

When JoAnne found one, she took it out of the box and began inspecting the product. Ultimately, she decided it wasn't for her, so she put the pot back and began perusing the rest of the store. That's when she noticed her wedding ring was missing.

The Johnsons kept coming back to the Walmart for days, but never found her beloved ring.

Fast forward to December 25, when another woman, Shiloah Avery, received an Instant Pot as a Christmas gift.

When she opened the box, she found a wedding ring, sitting at the bottom. She then decided to share a photo of the ring online, in hopes of finding the rightful owner.

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