With public school threats, greater flexibility, many parents opting to homeschool online

Thursday, August 22, 2019
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AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- Many parents are taking kids out of the classroom and bringing them home for online school.

There are many reasons parents might choose to enroll their child in an online school. The biggest reason is for greater flexibility. That's why Samantha McClure schools her daughter, Abigail, at home and plans to do the same for her son.

Abigail is 7 and loves to ride her bike and sell lemonade at the Farmers Market. Because she goes to school at home, she can do all of it whenever she wants.

“We can't go to the zoo in the middle of a Wednesday if she's at school,” Samantha said.

Samantha says Abigail is a hands-on learner, and a traditional classroom setting wouldn't cut it.

“Her teachers also informed me that she struggled with the sitting still and concentrating, which also reinforced our 'we need to be at home and work together,’” Samantha said.

A common misconception about home schooling is that kids don't socialize. But Samantha thinks her kids have better social opportunities than kids at public school.

“My daughter also socializes with the general public,” Samantha said. “She has learned how to speak to just about everybody.”

It also provides unique opportunities, Samantha says.

“I personally find that we get a lot more life experience,” Samantha said. “Like I said, my daughter is 7 years old, she has a booth in the Farmers Market that she runs herself.”

In today's world, it provides a sense of security.

“You see all of the stuff going on in public schools these days,” Samantha said. “I like the idea of having my kids at home where I know where they're at at all times.”

Of course, both South Carolina and Georgia have accountability requirements to ensure that kids are learning what they need to be. The McClure family keeps all of their own academic and attendance records and send them in at the end of the school year.

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