'We miss the students': Teachers parade across Columbia Co. bringing joy to kids

With schools shutting down across the nation, kids are having to continue their education from home.

Going from seeing each other five days a week to none at all, hasn’t just taken a toll on the students, but it’s taken a toll on the ones who teach them as well.

For some teachers, seeing their students and saying hello every day is the highlight of their job.

And for hundreds of teachers in Columbia County – saying hello from afar is better than no hello at all.

“This is what we do as teachers, as leaders, and as a community-- when things get tough, we pull together,” Leeann Fleischauer, the principal of Baker Place Elementary, said.

Fleischauer and her teachers at Baker Place Elementary pulled together a line almost 100 cars long to drive through the neighborhoods where their students live.

“I almost cried when I pulled around, you know. I miss my staff. I miss the students,” Fleischauer said.

The students miss their teachers too. Since schools closed until late April, Matthew and Grayson Rayburn have been getting their daily lessons from their dad.

“He's a good teacher. Mom is still amazing though,” they said.

When their teachers pass by, they will get more than just a thumbs up from these two boys. They jumped up and down and couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces.

Parkway Elementary students got a visit to their front yards as well.

Tomeka and Chandler Few both took a break from school. Tomeka teaches a high school class in Richmond County Schools, and recently took on the task of teaching her own little one.

While it took some adjusting, she thinks they’ll be just fine until schools open again.

“Teaching a 2nd grader is not my thing, but it has become my thing,” she said. "I'm a rough teacher. I'm pretty stern.”

"No you're not,” Chandler said.

“Oh, I'm not stern-- well, good I thought I was,” Tomeka said.

So, to all of the parents who are now teachers, you can probably relate to how Tomeka feels.

But for all the teachers who miss their students, a hello from afar will have to do for now.

And for some, that’s a blessing in its own way.

On Friday at 1 p.m, teachers from Gracewood Elementary School in Richmond County will form a line of cars and say hello to their students. They will travel through the Gracewood School Zone.

If your child's school is planning to do this as well, reach out to us on Facebook.