'We don't feel like Eddie is alive': Family of missing man fears the worst a month after his disappearance

Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2020
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Eddie Cruey has been missing since Nov. 19. His family fears the worst. (Source: WRDW)

AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW/WAGT) – We talked to the wife of a man who's been missing for more than a month.

Edward Cruey, 55, has his family worried that he may not be alive.

Richmond County deputies say his wife told them Eddie was going out of town for Thanksgiving to see a friend and he may not return to Augusta.

What do we know? There's a troubling history between Eddie and his wife. Eddie was missing for almost a month and his wife never reported it to police.

His father and step-mom did when they came for Christmas. Richmond County investigators are on this case, but they will not say if it's suspicious.

We went by the house today to see if she knew where her husband was located.

“No, I do not,” Sandra Dales said.

So why did she wait to report it?

“Because I thought he went to his family,” Dales said.

Outside their residence is a missing persons sign posted by Project Drew. The last time his step-mom heard from Eddie was Nov. 19.

“His dad and his family and friends know it's unusual for Eddie to be not in touch with anyone for this amount of time,” Kelly Cruey said.

Dales disagrees.

“He’s ran off on me before,” Dales said.

It's a tricky history. In July, deputies arrested Dales. They say she hit her husband in the head with a hammer. The incident report describes her saying "they'd both be sleeping with a knife," and that Eddie hit her with a towel and threatened to kill the dogs.

Family friend, Lisa Sistare-Harkins, says Eddie didn't want to press charges.

"There have been accusations of domestic abuse on both sides,” Sistare-Harkins said. “I've never physically seen any on her. I have seen some on him."

Neighbors say the couple drank a lot and they heard screaming from the house. Family and friends say Dales has stopped talking to them since Christmas.

"There's been some inconsistencies in her stories,” Sistare-Harkins said. “She told the family one thing and told investigators something else."

Dales did tell them Eddie left on foot with a sleeping bag and $200. His family fears the worst.

“We don't feel like that,” Kelly said. “We don't feel like Eddie is alive."

Eddie's family says they just want to find him in whatever condition. His wife told us she loves him and actually began crying as we spoke with her.

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