Vests protecting pets from coyotes sweep the nation

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Thursday, January 3, 2018

(CNN) – A dog owner in Colorado is trying to protect her pups from coyotes in the area. Kae Warnock believes some doggy protective vests may do the job.

"The coyotes live here. It was there home long before it was ours," said Warnock. "We love the outdoors. We love to be outside with our puppies."

Her pups, Carmen and Shal, love roaming the back yard of her home. But after a series of coyote attacks on pets in the area, Kae is fighting back with these babies.

Every day, she snaps her pups up in their protective Coyote Vests. They are made out of bite-proof kevlar, and include spikes perfectly suited for a heavy metal band.

"They do look very punk. They could be a rock band. A doggy rock band."

Kae's vests cost one hundred dollars each. They’re fashionable too – teal green for Shal and hot pink for Carmen.

"I think they look like little baby Elvis. Kind of punk Elvis."

They're designed to make the dogs appear bigger and offer protection in case of an attack.

"A predator goes for the neck. So a predator is going to bite here, so that's going to be a deterrent immediately because it's spiked."

Kae found the vests online after searching for ways to protect her dogs. A coyote had already jumped their six foot fence and snatched the family cat.

"He jumped the fence with the cat. My husband, greatest leap I've ever seen him do, jumped the fence with a big flashlight, chasing after the coyote screaming and pulled the cat out of the coyote's mouth."

The cat survived, but later disappeared after what Kae believes was another coyote attack.

"I've gotta do what I can for them. I've already lost one pet to the coyotes. I really need to think about what's going to happen and what's going to be best for these guys."

Kae says the vests have doubled as Halloween costumes, and haven't hurt her dogs’ street cred on walks through the neighborhood.

"I don't think any other dogs ever laughed at them. It's not the kind of outfit you normally see a dog wear. She's definitely funny to look at."

For Kae, a little more protection for her rock and roll pups is worth its weight in gold.

"They're goofy little outfits. I don't know if they work. They just make me feel better."

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