Twerking cancelled in Dearing, now town faces lawsuit

DEARING, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- A major teen and young adult event, known as twerkfest was canceled in Dearing because of safety concerns.

Now the company that was putting on the event is suing Dearing and wants the town to pay up.

People in dearing are familiar with twerking,
"I watch a lot of videos," said Aaron Wheeler, but they did not know much about a twerkfest that was supposed to be coming to town until it hit social media.

"I saw an article on Facebook from the McDuffie Progress saying it was cancelled, but that's the first I heard of it," said Jessica Shoemaker.

Artist ZedZilla was supposed to perform at the twerkfest, hosted by CSRA Entertainment on January 19th, but the town cancelled it just three days before that.

Nicholas Embry lives in Dearing he said, "It would('ve) be(en) something different here."

Now CSRA Entertainment is suing the town for more than $3000 worth of expenses after booking ZedZilla, a gym, and promoting the event.

"I didn't know nothing about it til this morning, I didn't even know they were supposed to be having it," said Wheeler, who lives in Dearing.

The town's attorney says they cancelled because of a problem with the fire system inside the gym.

In court documents from McDuffie County, a contract between the town and entertainment company says if the town cancels the event within 30 days of it happening the town is responsible to pay the full amount of advertising expenses, artist fees, and all other forms of payments made by CSRA Entertainment.

Right now neither side wants to comment on the lawsuit, but people living in Dearing said it would have been a first for this small town.

"For Dearing it would've been new they don't even sell alcohol here so you know it would've been new," said Wheeler.

If only it had tworked out.

News 12 did reach out to the Dearing Mayor he said he cannot comment until the case is closed; CSRA Entertainment said they have no comment.