Tricks for getting gum and candy out of hair

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

(CNN) -- With Halloween just around the corner a lot of kids will be feasting on candy in less than two weeks.

With all that sticky candy comes a greater risk of kids getting it stuck in their hair. But you don't have to cut it out. There are a few different options.

Here are a few tips from a manager at a Great Clips:

  • Use some sort of oil, or an oil-based hair product to loosen the candy

  • For gum, put peanut butter in the child's hair and massage it in to break up the gum

  • Whatever the method, remove the candy with a comb. If the candy still seems stuck, add more oil/peanut butter or continue to massage the area, then try to comb it again.

This is a very common problem around Halloween, and a lot of parents think the best option is to cut it out. You can also go to any salon to get the sweets out.