Thomson students create new memorial to honor Bryson, Bella and Bostyn Dinger

Monday, Sept. 30, 2019
News 12 at 6 O'Clock

THOMSON, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- The Thomson community is continuing to come together for Bella, Bryson and Bostyn Dinger, who lost their lives in a car crash last week.

The children's classmates are showing love and support as they remember their friends by creating a new memorial for them, and making signs in welding class.

"A buddy of mine posted on his story that he was welding together three new crosses to come put down here," said Cambron Rumbaugh.

Rumbaugh had second period with 16-year-old Bryson.

"We also had lunch together,” Rumbaugh said. “We'd sit out there and if he noticed one of us was sad, he'd make sure to make us laugh, get us all up and happy."

Cambron said all of the moments he had with his friend are priceless, but one moment in particular leaves him speechless.

"A week ago from the accident, somehow at lunch he told us, if I ever die, I want y'all to be happy,” said Rumbaugh.

That’s a moment he said he'll hold in his heart forever, and a moment he wants others to hear to bring them comfort.

"That's really what's getting me through everything,” Rumbaugh said. “What he would want, what he would want us to do.”

And even though lunch is a little quieter now, Rumbaugh said they’re continuing to remember Bryson, Bella and Bostyn, and praying for Tasha Daniel, the children's mother, who is recovering from the crash.

"We sit there and pray that the family can get through this financially and emotionally," Rumbaugh said.

Some local youth pastors are helping out at the schools, and there are counselors available if the kids need someone to talk to.

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