The Heat Is On: Graniteville man gains local fame through forging knives

Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020
News 12 This Morning

GRANITEVILLE, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Art comes in all forms across the CSRA, and one Graniteville man has found a very unique art-form.

Like a well-orchestrated song, Joey Lynn has a knack for using his hands.

"Staying busy and using my hands and teaching people, I really like to do that. I do a lot of classes," Joey said.

Joey's days of forging knives started when he retired from the Georgia Department of Corrections, after taking a trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

"I made a knife and caught the bug and I came home and got stuff together to make a shop."

Soon enough, Joey's front yard became part of his workshop.

"[I] watched a lot of YouTube, read a lot of books. I got out here and got burnt, smashed my fingers and kept doing it."

Little experience was no match for him, and not long after starting to forge knives Joey got to be a part of a History Channel show, called Forged in Fire.

"People started telling me, 'hey you need to go on that show.' Give me a couple years I might try it."

The days have been busy ever since as he's teaching classes, and even high school students looking for mentorships.

"It's just been making knives and doing classes and staying busy."

And he's only just started turning up the heat.

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