The Greatest Lesson of All

AIKEN, S.C.(WRDW/WAGT)--We all had a favorite teacher. The one we didn't want to leave when we went to the next grade. For a few lucky students at Mossy Creek Elementary they haven't had to... just yet.

This is Jeffery Boyd and he's not your typical teacher.

"Most teachers aren't like Mr. Boyd. He expects the best out of us. Other teachers they...," explains Mossy Creek student, Dakota Sherlock.

To Mr. Boyd's fifth grade class, Mr. Boyd isn't just a teacher but, a mentor.

"First I started off as a bad kid now I'm a good kid getting A's and B's. I feel like he changed me a lot," says Jordan Rouse.

Janiya Wilson agrees,
"He taught me to be confident and positive in myself."

His students aren't ordinary either.

Boyd explains, "I've been with my same class now for three years and its been a really awesome experience."

This is why going on to middle school next year is hard for everyone.

"It's going to break my heart. I'll be the first one to tell you that's going to be tough for me," says Mr. Boyd.

Deric Tolen adds, "I'll be sad, I'll probably cry, and I don't know how I'm going to live."

However, by asking these fifth graders one question we learned Mr. Boyd has taught them the greatest lesson of all...

"When you go to sixth grade what are you going to say to Mr. Boyd?"

Janiya Wilson says,"I love you and I'll miss you."

Deric Tolen shared his humorous farewell saying, "bye."

While Jordan Rouse said the one thing everyone was thinking,"Remember me, always remember me because, I'm going to remember him."

They've learned what it means to truly be loved.

Not only did Mr. Boyd find his true calling for teaching at Mossy Creek Elementary he also, found the love of his life. The now, Mrs. Boyd teaches at Mossy Creek Elementary too.

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