Teens swept out to sea pray for help, rescued by ship named ‘Amen’

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(CNN) -- Two Florida teens took a senior ditch day -- a rite of passage for lots of high school students -- and headed to the beach.

Two Florida teens called out to help from God. They got it in the form of a boat named "The Amen." (Source: CNN)

But their day of rebellious fun quickly turned into terror when the current swept them out to sea.

Heather Brown and Tyler Smith, both 17, were celebrating a beach senior skip day. But a dip in the ocean would soon turn into the fight for their lives.

The two were swimming near Anastasia Island when soon the current became too strong.

"I asked him, I said 'Tyler, oh my God, we are stuck, what's the plan?'” Brown said.

Brown and Smith were stranded in the water for 2 hours and began to pray.

"I cried out, 'if you really do have a plan for us like come one just bring something,’” Smith said.

Then a God send – a boat named "The Amen."

"The name of the boat is 'The Amen,’” Brown said. “I started crying."

Brown and Smith were huddled together to get their body temps up. Video from the hospital shows Smith was overcome with the emotion of surviving at sea for hours.

"There's no other reason or other explanation in the world that that wasn't God,” Smith said.

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