Superintendent Search: School Board votes to offer job to familiar face

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Thursday, August 8, 2019
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RICHMOND COUNTY (WRDW/WAGT) -- The Richmond County Board of Education wasted little time in announcing its top candidate for superintendent Thursday.

Dr. Kenneth Bradshaw is the man they want. Dr. Bradshaw is the Chief Operating Officer for the Hamilton County School District in Tennessee, but he has ties to Richmond County.

"Dr. Bradshaw interviewed for this position five years ago and every board member at the time had him in their top three," said Jimmy Atkins, President of the Richmond County Board of Education.

The job ultimately went to Dr. Angela Pringle, but she brought Dr. Bradshaw on as deputy superintendent.

"We were very happy when Dr. Pringle...said I'd like to bring him in as the deputy," said Atkins.

He added that Dr. Bradshaw's experience with Richmond County they don't have to start from square one.

"Any other superintendent, that's a huge learning curve for them," he said. "Dr. Bradshaw can hit the ground running from day one."

If Dr. Bradshaw accepts the offer, the board has to wait two weeks before officially voting him in. Atkins hopes Dr. Bradshaw can start as early as right after Labor Day.

Current superintendent Dr. Pringle's last day will be Aug. 30. She accepted a position in Winston-Salem.

"It's an hour from her hometown," Atkins said. "The reasons that she gave us was that with aging parents and recently has gotten married, it just made sense."

Atkins said that while the superintendent may be leaving, the members of the board are not, and they will continue to work hard to provide the best for the Richmond County School District.

Deputy Superintendent Matthew Priester will serve as interim superintendent.

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