She said Yes to the Dress, now this Evans native is about to tell her story on TLC

Friday, Jan. 3, 2020
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It’s safe to say Katie Kinson, the bride-to-be, is a big fan of Say Yes to the Dress on TLC. (Source: Katie Kinson)

EVANS, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- An Evans woman will be on TLC's new Say Yes to the Dress spin-off, Say Yes to the Dress: America, on Saturday.

It’s safe to say Katie Kinson, the bride-to-be, is a big fan of the program.

"So I pretty much had an out of body experience when [show host] Randy [Fenoli] walked through my door,” Kinson said.

Even during our interview, Kinson and her mom couldn't help but scream.

"He rolls the window down, and says. ‘Hello, beautiful!’ and I was like, ‘AHHHH,’” Kinson said.

So when Fenoli surprised her during her home interview to say she was selected to represent Georgia in the TLC special, she, of course, screamed.

Kinson got the star treatment, a trip to New York City, a dress at Kleinfeld, but it all started with a day of showing the TLC crew around the CSRA.

"Randy and I, we do some fun southern things,” Kinson said. “You'll see in the preview that Randy does drive the big trucks, so that's a lot of fun. Absolutely hilarious."

But behind the glitz and the glamour is a southern girl who loves dirt bikes and big trucks. We even found a weightlifting story on Kinson from 2014.

Kinson’s tough because she's been through a lot. She was diagnosed at age 14 with a rare autoimmune disease called Schleroderma that eats your body inside out. She has lived through immense pain and scarring.

"It's been a painful journey for me, but I think that's why [my husband] Aaron is so special is because he's so patient, and on the days that I'm hurting really bad, he helps me get dressed and put on my shoes, whatever I need,” Kinson said. “He'll drive me to work. He's a rockstar.”

Through loving herself, she found love at Fort Gordon.

"I'm huge on body positivity and loving yourself inside and out,” Kinson said. “It starts with the heart, it starts with being good to people, being kind to people, and really that reflects outward."

And won her the spot on the show of her dreams.

Kinson’s show airs Saturday at 8:00 p.m. The spin-off airs every Saturday featuring a new bride from a different state. Later in March in a 2-hour season finale, Kinson and all the other brides will get married in a huge wedding officiated by randy Fenoli.

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