Sen. Elizabeth Warren brings John Legend to Orangeburg

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Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2020
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ORANGEBURG, SC (WRDW/WAGT) -- Democratic candidates are campaigning across the Palmetto State ahead of the South Carolina primary.

Senator Elizabeth Warren made her way to Orangeburg on Wednesday, and brought with her singer and songwriter John Legend. He played for a crowd at South Carolina State University, where Senator Warren had her 'Get Out the Vote' event. The goal was to appeal to younger voters.

"If you know nothing else about Elizabeth Warren you know that she has plans that will bring meaningful positive change to the lives of everyday Americans," John Legend said.

Senator Warren was met with a big cheer from the students when she said, "we can cancel student loan debt for more than 43 million Americans." That message strengthened the support for some first time voters.

"She's looking out for us and trying to help pave a way so that we can finish and turn over a new leaf and make America better," Zykia Young said, a first time voter.

"I enjoyed the event and everything that she spoke on I support hardcore and she's got my vote," Miriam Webster said, also a first time voter.

To no surprise, the younger generation dominated the crowd at S.C. State. Many of them said they felt Senator Warren's message was directed at them.

"I know there's many other students who are struggling trying to get student loans or are in student loan debt and are trying to pursue their career," Miriam said.

More candidates will make stops in the CSRA this week. On Friday, Senator Bernie Sanders will be in Aiken, and Pete Buttigieg will be in Fairfax. Senator Elizabeth Warren will also make a stop in Warrenville on Friday.

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