Saving lives, one airway at a time

Thursday, October 3, 2019
News 12 this Morning

EDGEFIELD COUNTY, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Students at Strom Thurmond Career Center are prepared to save lives.

Strom Thurmond Sports medicine instructor, Robin Herrin is equipping them with all the tools they need.

"So I have incorporated them learning CPR and first aid so when they are out with an athletic trainer if an event happens they have the ability to actually step in and help the trainer which, kind of gives them a second person out there who has the knowledge and experience to be able to do that, " Herrin explains.

The Sports Medicine 1 course does not require students to know cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR but this year Robbin is switching things up and students like freshman, Ben Jolly say he is taking advantage of the extra knowledge.

"You can be anywhere and someone can fall out and that's one of the most important times when you can start CPR and try to save a life."

The students were able to walk our crew through each step of the life saving procedure.

Freshman, Bailey Skinner goes into depth saying,
"You go in and you make sure your environment is safe and then you tap the patient see if they are responsive and then you check for the pulse, begin CPR starting with compressions, begin compressions and you do thirty compressions with two breaths at the end and you do about five cycles.

This is one of three programs at the Strom Thurmond Career Center teaching students CPR but, the only program that doesn't require students to be seniors.
In total, Robin says 92 students at the school are CPR certified.

"They have checked off on their skills, they have taken a written test, they have all passed, and they now have all their CPR certifications."

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