Salvation Army gears up to feed evacuees with enough food to feed an army

Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2019
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AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW/WAGT) – With so many Hurricane Dorian evacuees coming into the CSRA, one of the biggest concerns is keeping them all fed.

The Salvation Army is cooking up a plan to feed evacuees. Today it's all about prepping. They have lunch boxes that they are stock up with chips, granola bars, and sandwiches now. It's volunteers making this all possible.

As Hurricane Dorian moves up the southeast coast, people are relying on the kindness of others to stay safe and fed.

"Right now, we're preparing to start feeding at all the Red Cross shelters that are opening up here in the next day or so for our evacuees in the Chatham County area,” Douglas McClure, the area commander and senior kroc officer for Augusta’s Salvation Army.

Volunteers are filling lunch boxes with snacks, making hundreds of sandwiches, and bagging them up.

“We are going to do a lot of sandwiches,” McClure said. “I mean, those are easy to transport -- hotdogs those kind of things. I think we're looking into doing chili and rice, some of your staples. Probably some beef stew, just kind of basic items that have become staples for a disaster."

Right now, they're planning 600 meals for lunch and 600 meals for dinner, but McClure says that number could easily grow if more evacuees come.

In the Augusta kitchen, seven volunteers are working fast.

"Our volunteers come because they care about people,” McClure said. “They know that people are going through probably one of the darkest parts of their lives and they want to be here to help them during that time."

It really does take a village between helping people find shelter and making sure that they are fed. Now these meals are going to be sent out to the three shelters around Augusta tomorrow. They'll have lunch served at 12:00 p.m. and dinner at 5:00 p.m.

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