SC bill for stricter animal cruelty penalties

Wednesday, April 3, 2019
News 12 First at Five

AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Robin Mitchell has made it her mission to keep dogs off of chains.

There's already an ordinance in Aiken County but now she's pushing for a South Carolina law.

“It would incur no chaining, but you could use other tethering such as stake and cable, trolleys, so forth as far as the tethering," said Mitchell.

It's not just stopping at tethering. It's also to put an end to animal cruelty by educating the court system.

“It also has an ordinance for the judges to go every so many years and re-up on the animal cruelty laws," said Mitchell.

These are some of the cases of animal cruelty Mitchell has seen. She took these to the state house to show just exactly what she means when she says 'animal cruelty'.

“When they are completely emaciated when females constantly have litters every 6 months of puppies and when they are living in complete filth situations, chained with heavy logging chains," said Mitchell.

She believes educating judges will urge them to enforce stronger penalties and ultimately cutting down on the cruelty.

“They need to know that hey if I go before that judge you know he or she's not going to be lenient, they're not going to drop it down to $475 they're going to go and charge me $1,092," said Mitchell.

It's not all about dogs. Mitchell says the bill applies to all animals; they all deserve a proper home.

The bill passed in the Senate and now it will go to the house. They will be talking with the agriculture committee tomorrow.