Putting down the palette is not an option

Wednesday, July 10, 2019
News 12 this Morning

AIKEN, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) -- "You're never too old to inspire."

A few local artists, who just can't put their palettes down, are putting this quote to the test.

"We have seven local artists who have over a course of a year painted local Aiken scenes so it's a lot of landscape paintings, oil, and acrylic," USCA Etherredge gallery director," Katie Kameen explains.

Lou Davis and Andrew Murphy are two of the seven who contributed to this exhibit.

I love to use color it's very rare that I don't use color in my paintings," says Lou Davis.

Lou was once a professional illustrator however, Andrew Murphy is not a professional but, has managed to master his craft and has now received recognition for his work.

Murphy explains how inexperienced he once was, "I didn't know how to paint seven years ago and I'm winning prizes in different shows now."

Murphy like other members of the group has went from not knowing anything to creating masterpieces.
The group met every Friday for over a year, each week they visited a new place in Aiken.

"My favorite painting would probably be of Hopeland Gardens because, when I first moved to Aiken, from North Carolina I lived near there and when my children were little I would take them there," Lou reminisces on her Hopeland Gardens artwork.

The exhibit, in the open air or Plein Air is inspired by the various outdoor studios, Kameen tells News 12 the artists work in.

"What these artists do is they set up their easels and palettes actually in the grass and they paint straight from observation."

No matter the medium or experience, each piece is different and each artist has something to offer.

Lou Davis says some of the artists spend their last days of life working on their pieces.

"Some have painted as long as they're ninety and some will come in and paint a painting and work on it for a year or two and then they'll finish and the next thing you know we're having a funeral...But that's the joy of it we all do it because, we love it," Davis exclaims.

The exhibit opens today at USC Aiken's Etherredge Center galleries, doors open at 8:30 a.m.

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