Project Freedom Ride saving 39 dogs from being euthanized

Tuesday, March 5, 2019
News 12 at 6'oclock/NBC at 7

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- The kid that saved more than a 1,000 dogs is saving dozens more today. Roman McConn is sending 39 dogs to New Jersey and New York so they don't have to be euthanized.

News 12 told you about Roman's group, Project Freedom Ride.

"I love these little guys," said Roman.

Saying goodbye isn't always easy for Roman McConn.

“It gets very hard, it’s very hard saying goodbye to these dogs," said Roman.

This time he's fallen in love with two dogs named Thelma and Louise and their puppies.

"This is our first mom and puppies on transport," said Roman.

He's going to miss them but even though goodbyes are hard, they can be rewarding.

"I feel great knowing they are going to a better home," said Roman.

Roman and his mom started Project Freedom Ride to get these dogs out of shelters and into new homes. Today they loaded up two vans, full of dogs in need of a permanent home.

"These dogs get to go and find families and free up space for the dogs that are here," said Jenn McConn, Roman's mom.

They're going to shelters in New Jersey and New York, where they don't kill for space and have a better chance of being adopted.

"It helps the shelters because I know they don't want to euthanize, so transports help the shelters get the dogs out," said Jenn.

Today Roman saved 39 dogs.

"I want these dogs to find a brilliant home, a home that they'll love forever," said Roman.

Another transport may be on its way, but Roman isn't done.

"Even if your house is full, why put a stop there. If you have 25,000 dogs, adopt 26,000," said Roman.

Tomorrow morning the transports will make it to New Jersey around 7 a.m. to drop off some of the dogs. Then they'll head to New York to drop off the rest by late afternoon.