Preparing for gun safety

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Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2018
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- A gun lock is an important part of gun safety. Something Anthony Defeo, a father, and a gun store owner knows all about.

"It makes it impossible to get your finger in here and pull the trigger," Mr. Defeo explains.

"If you just have the guns in the home, you know, keep a trigger lock on it, disable the gun, make sure it's not loaded, keep it locked up in a gun lock or a gun safe," he says.

Anthony Defeo was heartbroken when he heard a child, the same age as his daughter, died from an accidental shooting.

"I couldn't imagine the grief that a parent would go through having something tragic like that happen, especially if you could have prevented it," Defeo says.

He doesn't want to imagine the same happening to his family and says gun safety should be a priority.

"Essentially, if you're home and that gun is not in your pocket and you don't have command of that firearm at all times, it should be locked up somewhere, where a child can't get it."

Anthony says it's not hard to get a gun lock.

"Whenever we sell a handgun, we supply a trigger lock. Usually, it comes in the box with the firearm." Defeo says if your firearm doesn't come with one, it can be added, "It's not very hard to get ahold of and if it doesn't come with a trigger lock, we'll put one in."

Sometimes, gun locks come with the gun or they are built into the firearm.

But if not, locks can be purchased in a pack of three for just a few dollars at department chains and online stores.