Pit bulls suspected of attacking farm animals will be adopted out of state

Saturday, March 23, 2019
News 12 at 11 o'clock

AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) -- About a month ago, a family on Vintage Vale Road lost two horses and a goat after they were found dead on their farm.

"What could've possibly done this?"

That's the question Wayne and Brenda Baughman had after finding their beloved ponies and goat brutally killed on their farm.

"We could see the other pony laying in the creek and we knew then," Brenda said. "We ran down there and the closer we got, we could see puddles of blood everywhere."

For 14 years, the animals were the staple of the Vintage Vale neighborhood and way more than just pets.

"The little white pony, she was very friendly,' Wayne said. "She would ride all the little children around in the neighborhood. They meant a lot.".

Not long after the attack, the Baughman's found their neighbor's pit bulls covered in blood.

"We saw the dog come walking up the creek and automatically I saw he had blood all over him," Wayne said.

Aiken animal control took the dogs in almost a month ago, but the Baughman's say they were told they had to get DNA swabs of their horses to be sure it was the dogs.

"We were the ones... heart broken enough, who had to sit there and swab their wounds," Brenda said. "I felt like that was not our job."

Weeks later, they found out the DNA testing was too expensive for the county to perform.

The dog owners surrendered their pit bulls to the county after a hearing. They were kept at the Aiken Animal Shelter until now.

The County Administrator, Clay Killian, says the dogs will be separated and adopted out of state. Killian says the dogs will not return to Aiken County.

"Why are they deeming it safe to send these dogs out of state to be adopted?" Brenda asked.

The Baughman's want to know why.

"That's not going to solve anything," Wayne said.

The dog owners are being cited with three counts of animal nuisance and three counts of failure to vaccinate. More citations could be coming pending a hearing tomorrow.