What the clay? People are eating white dirt for 'nutritional value.'

News 12 this Morning
Friday, April 5, 2019

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- There's a white substance going around, people say they are using as a home remedy for gut health. News 12 is uncovering what it is and where it came from.

Dirt, clay, starch, you name it. People are calling the white substance all of it.

Local store employee, Shabazz Ali, works in a store that sells the substance. He describes what it is.

"Basically it's just a white dirt, some people eat it, some people crush it up and use it as starch."

Down Home Georgia White Dirt, the bag say it's not for human consumption but, many beg to differ.

Shabazz Ali says the dirt isn't selling off the shelf but, some customers are buying in bulk.

"One lady came in here about three days ago and bought six bags. She says she gets a blender and blends it up to use in her smoothies," Ali explains.

The white dirt will run you two dollars and fifty cent a bag and it can be found in paint, fiber glass, and some toothpaste.

Ali says even if you're not grabbing it from their store, it's not too hard to get it your hands on.

"It comes from a mine in Savannah; Macon, it just comes from a chalk mine."

Viewers tell us you can find it in Washington County as well.

For those of you wondering whether our news team tried the dirt, we did and our team agrees, "it's not for us."

We did reach out to doctors at Augusta University they say the dirt is a form of clay and should be not be eaten, especially if you're pregnant. The clay could potentially impact your baby's development.