Other flight options and airlines still 'up in the air' for Augusta Regional Airport

Wednesday, June 05, 2019
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McGhee Tyson Airport saw "record breaking growth", and has a major announcement planned for Wednesday, officials said./ Source: MGN

AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- Months after the Masters, we're learning how many people flew to our area that week.

Over 3,100 flights in and out of Augusta when you count both airports. That's 80 more than last year.

These are the type of numbers helping bring in more direct flights to Augusta Regional Airport.

We now have a direct flight to Dallas and just recently got one to Washington DC, but they are not stopping there.

Airport officials say they are in the works of adding more and even looking at cheaper ticket options.

"Some other destinations we're looking at are Chicago, New York, somewhere in Central Florida as well,” Augusta Regional Airport’s Lauren Smith said.

In Florida, it could be Orlando or even Tampa. That's still up in the air.

"Personally, I'd like central Florida,” Smith said. “Me and my family are huge Disney fans so that would benefit us, but I'm happy to see any different city come here.”

Whether it's for vacation or a quick trip, everyone has a preference.

"It would be wonderful if they could get a direct flight to Minnesota,” frequent flyer John Hamlett said.

Hamlett is visiting his son there. He says he's tired of connecting flights.

"It's the waiting time that I don't like,” Hamlett said. “You know, after waiting two, three, maybe four hours sometimes to get a flight out to those connecting places."

The trick is the more people who buy tickets here, the better our chances to see more direct flights.

“Not only just because of me, I would love to see other people go into New York or Washington, different places, it would be nice,” Hamlett said. “That would make maybe make Augusta grow a little bit."

Augusta also wants to be the most affordable. But with only two airlines, there're not many options.

“Right now, American Airline was the cheapest flight I could get out,” Hamlett said.

The airport is looking at more flights and maybe even more airlines in the future.

“We are also talking to all different airlines,” Smith said. “We're talking to the large and the small including the low-cost carriers like Allegiant, so we're trying to get every aspect to look at us and consider Augusta for service."

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