Movie crew film "Tulsa" in Augusta

Wednesday, July 10, 2019
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AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- A new movie is filming in downtown Augusta.

The film, Tulsa, is being shot right here in Augusta. We know they're filming at dozens of locations here in the next month and most of them are downtown.

The film director told News 12 so many spots around town are perfect for filming, like at Pizza Joint. They'll use it for a bar scene. The film scene here in Augusta is growing and the co-director of Tulsa has seen it from the beginning.

Gloria Stella is a 16-year veteran in the film industry, but she started here in Augusta.

“I started off with the Augusta Film Group. At that point, it was just a handful of people," said Stella.

Now there's a whole crew of people, a room full of local extras, and a lot more opportunity.

"Locations were there, and they had an entire rental house with all the equipment we needed. So why not film it here?," said Stella.

It’s a question many in the film industry are asking.

Co-director and Actor Scott Pryor shot scenes for his film Blackbear in Augusta. However, with more regulation and growing expenses in Atlanta, he decided to come back.

"We have a lot of great connections within the community so we're uh extremely privileged to be here again with all the community support. We've had so much local support. The people are awesome, the businesses are awesome," said Pryor.

Scenes like these were perfect for Tulsa, Pryor's father/daughter redemption story.

Gloria Stella hopes they are writing the script of a success story for the film industry in Augusta.

“It gives Augusta the opportunity to say 'hey we have local people here that have real experience on real films. If you film here, you don't have to fly everyone in. We can hire locally' I think all of that builds into a film community," said Stella.

Tulsa is an independent film. The directors say they expect other low-budget films to choose Augusta. The Augusta Regional Film Office says 75% of the crew is local. If you want to be a part of Tulsa, head over to their Facebook page to keep up with casting calls.

An independent movie filmed in Augusta almost three weeks ago.

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