NWS: EF-1 tornado touched down at Stable View Farm

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Friday, Feb. 7, 2020

AIKEN, SC (WRDW/WAGT) -- Officials with the National Weather Service have confirmed that a tornado touched down in Aiken County on Thursday.

According to NWS, an EF-1 Tornado occurred on in Aiken County in and around Stable View Farm along Springfield Church Road.

Damage at the farm was apparent, with trees snapped and several buildings there damaged.

Barry Olliff, the farm's owner, was on vacation when he got the call about the storm.

"Initially we thought, 'Oh come on. Tornadoes don't come to Aiken,' but they said it was a tornado, and that it was actually pretty serious," Olliff said.

An EF-1 tornado, according to NWS, could have winds of 86 to 110 MPH.

"I think once you see the damage here, it's a great reminder to people when you're under a tornado warning to take it seriously and get to a safe location," John Quagliariello with the National Weather Service said.

Stable View Farms holds several events every year, including one scheduled there this weekend.

"Obviously, we've got to get some new stalls in because we have this very big event coming at the end of March, and that's when all 200 stalls will be used, but we can make do with the hundred stalls that are still in good shape," Olliff said.

Olliff says he's never cancelled an event, and with multiple hands on deck, it's looking like he won't have to.

"Well this is going to be a month's project, but based upon what they've done today, which is phenomenal, I think it's going to be significantly less than a month," Olliff said.

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