Community comes together, finds man missing from Orangeburg hospital for 2 days

Donnie Ford
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Monday, May 18, 2020

ORANGEBURG, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) -- The Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office said a Barnwell man had been found safe after leaving Regional Medical Center on Friday night.

Donnie Ford, 66, was considered endangered.

His brother said Monday that he had been found, and the Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office confirmed that was the case.

"I wish the entire county, even the country, could have seen how Orangeburg County came together in finding this man," Sheriff Leroy Ravenell said in a statement. "My deputies and I work for the best people and the best community that anyone could ever ask for."

Ravenell said Ford was located early Monday and transported to be checked over medically for any injuries he may received during his disappearance.

Ravenell said Orangeburg County sheriff's deputies stayed on the search through the entire ordeal.

More, however, joined in.

"We had the Jamison Fire Department out there, private citizens loaning us four wheelers, businessman Joe Rich flew his personal helicopter at his own tremendous expense to search for Mr. Ford, SLED was there as well and many others," Ravenell said. "If you could have seen this massive effort, you'd be so proud to be part of Orangeburg County, too."

Ford was located around 6 a.m. Monday after a citizen in the Jamison community spotted him coming out of a wooded area and held him until authorities could arrive.

He was then taken to the Regional Medical Center.

"It's days like today that I am so proud to be just a part of this great county and state," Ravenell said. "We're just so thankful Mr Ford has been brought home safely to his family where he belongs."​

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