Memorial for 1-year-old killed: "I will always think of my son when I see a butterfly"

Sunday, May 19, 2019
News 12 at 11 O'Clock

Columbia County, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- Sunday, family and friends gathered at the memorial for the one-year-old child who was killed, Lincoln Davitte.

There's nothing quite as beautiful as the moment a butterfly lands nearby.

"It flies away again, but we wish it could've stayed," Pastor David Bohling said. "But we feel lucky that we have seen it."

It's a beautiful, but quick moment. One you wish did not have to end so soon.

"I for sure will always think of my son when I see a butterfly," Tyler Davitte, Lincoln's dad said.

Tyler Davitte was robbed of his son. On May 1st, the one-year-old was killed.

"The butterfly is nature's ultimate symbol of change of transformation and of beauty," Pastor Bohling said. "It is also God's symbol of hope. The hope that we will all see Lincoln again."

That hope is not lost on Lincoln's family and friends.

"A butterfly is with us now. Lincoln with angel wings."

Investigators say the boyfriend of Lincoln Davitte's mother is responsible. Charles Sconyers, an Augusta Firefighter, is charged with murder.

Arrest warrants say Sconyers "Cause[d] significant injury to the head and brain of the victim child. Said injury causing the child to die."

"I do not see how you could hurt just a sweet innocent child, any child at that," Tyler Davitte said.

Tyler says while his heart is broken and will remain broken, the out pour of love from the community keeps him going.

"Even though this is horrible and tragic accident to happen to anybody, it's still good to know there are decent people to love us, to love Lincoln,
and to remember Lincoln," Tyler Davitte said.