McDuffie County woman sends crocheted items for premature babies around the world

Wednesday, July 10 2019

News 12 This Morning

THOMSON, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Being in the hospital can be scary at any age, but it can be especially scary if you're a new parent with a premature baby.

Sometimes the best and most meaningful gifts are smaller than the size of your hand.

"We have hats coming in from Japan. They come in from all over the world," said Maria Cavnor, Founder of Charli's Love.

Maria Cavnor's act of kindness grew because of the loss of her daughter. She was born early, too early to survive. The only thing Maria has left to remember her is from a crocheted hat that she made herself.

"In '95 I had a little girl. Her name was Charli Elizabeth," said Cavnor, "And she did not come home from the hospital, and I want her name remembered."

That's how the group "Charli's Love" came to be.

"So, I started personally sending hats to our local hospitals, and I called them from 'Charli's Love'" said Cavnor.

Since starting, the group has exploded with donations and crocheted pieces coming in from across the world as far away as Japan.

"NICU's are scary and putting a little hat or a little blanket around your baby in a very scary time brings a lot of comfort to the moms and the dads," said Cavnor.

More than 45,000 pieces are going from McDuffie County to hospitals around the world this year.

"We have almost 400 hospitals in the US, Puerto Rico, Guam and now Australia," said Cavnor.

So even though she never made it home, Charli's heart lives in a unique way.

"In very sad cases like mine, being able to take something home when you can't take your baby home that's actually something of theirs is cherished forever," said Cavnor.

Anyone is welcome to join the Facebook group. You don't need to crochet to join. It's called Charli's Love on Facebook. Donations and even words of encouragement are welcome.