Mayor asks for Chevy Suburban, commission approves Tahoe instead

Tuesday, March 5, 2019
News 12 at 11

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Mayor Hardie Davis Jr. says he needs a car. Commission voted to give him one, just not the car he asked for.

The original request was a Chevy Suburban LTZ. The cheapest price is about $60,000 according to the city. Leaders argued that's too much. So they went with a Chevy Tahoe for $45,000. The mayor said contrary to belief, his request was not about luxury, it is about business travel.

In addition to long distance travel, Mayor Davis explained he will be hosting about 30 Georgia mayors in April. Adding, cramming four to five officials in something like a Toyota Camry “is not appropriate.”

Davis clarified functionality for the vehicle, including the space available in it, is a necessity as he meets with developers and public officials.

“Not just in the state, but outside of the state as well. And the ability to move in and out efficiently and effectively is important.” Mayor Hardie Davis continued, “ I just want to thank the commission for their willingness to support this initiative. We talked about it for a number of years.”

Commissioners noted that while they support the Mayor’s Office getting a car, they wanted to be responsible with the price tag. Previous Augusta mayors have either opted out of a city car or went with driving the Crown Vic as a city car. Commissioner Sean Frantom noted the price for that is less than half the price of Davis’ original request.

The city will go through its bid process—looking for the lowest and best deal from different dealer companies—in order to purchase the Tahoe.