Long-awaited stadium parking deck begins construction in Riverside Village

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Wednesday, May 8th, 2019 / News 12 at 11 o'clock

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) - A new parking deck is the latest project to get underway in Riverside Village.

The 6-story building is going directly across from SRP Park and will hopefully relieve some traffic in the Village.

The developer was out here doing work for the first time today, and they say now that they're on site, this project is going to hit the ground running.

Neighbors who live there are relieved too.

Annabelle Salters has lived at the Ironwood Apartments since last summer.

"There was nothing here when I first moved here," she told News 12.

Now--one ballpark and several other buildings later--it's a destination. She loves her apartment, but the Village can get crowded.

"When it's a game day...you'll know it's a game day," Salters said.

And that's not always the greatest thing.

"Parking during game days is not that good. Like, I'll be trying to find a parking spot, and all of the people that are supposed to parking in the garage are parking in our lot," she explained.

The latest casualty of game days--her car, which was dented in an accident amidst an overly crowded parking garage. But thankfully, relief could be in sight.

"I would call it immediate relief, because it's gonna be two more stories than the existing parking deck, so you get that much and a little bit more," said Shelby Knostman, the project manager for Carolina Power; they're working with Brasfield and Gorrie on the stadium parking deck, and kicked things off today.

"There is an immediate need for parking; this is a prime spot nice and close to the baseball park, and the restaurants inside," Knostman said.

The new deck will be 6 stories--over 550 spots total.

"This parking lot will be ready at the start of next year's baseball season," Knostman said,

She and her team also did the electrical work for Brasfield and Gorrie on the hotel deck, and they say the design will be similar.

Salters is happy--and believes this might give her her spot back.

"I guess it gives people a better idea of where they're supposed to be parking--and shows them they actually have spots to park," Salters said.

"We're just really happy it's going to come to a head and get completed," added Knostman.

The contractors started today with clearing the land and installing drainage and utilities. Next--they'll lay the foundation.