Local man cooks for the Rams before the Super Bowl

Sunday, February 3, 2019
News 12 at 6

AIKEN, SC. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Chris Fulmer knows how to tailgate.

"We formed a tailgating group back in 1994 called the Ultimate Tailgaters because we thought we were the ultimate in tailgating," Fulmer said. "And so it started!"

413 straight games later and some could argue he's the biggest Gamecock fan out there.

"First to arrive, last to leave. We have a great time."

But it's through his love for the Gamecocks that brought him here... to Atlanta... for the Super Bowl... cooking for the Rams.

"Super bowl is in Atlanta, Rams are coming," Fulmer said. "I'm like no way... he's not calling me to feed the Rams."

Here's the story: Joey Blake was the nutritionist for South Carolina football. Chris knows him from tailgating. Joey started working as the nutritionist for the Rams. This week, Chris gets a call from Joey.

"He's like hey buddy, how about feeding the L.A. Rams? I'm like, I think we will!"

"When they get on the field, super-elite athletes, unbelievable skills while they're playing for the L.A. Rams," Fulmer said. "But when they come through the line, they're such nice guys. One guy was locked on baked beans. He was like I'm going to get some baked beans, mac and cheese."

Today, he's at it again cooking for his own Super Bowl party.

"To be able to combine the BBQ and the sports, it's been really fun for me. It's hard work, but the way I look at it, if you love it, it's not work."

Another item on the bucket list checked off.

"I look back on it and I'm thinking, wow. This is bucket list. We're this little BBQ competition team in Aiken, South Carolina that befriended this guy 4 years ago and he's taking us into this event."

Chris says his mom and dad were the ones who got him into tailgating. They passed away years ago. His mom owned more than 1,500 cook-books. The day he cooked for the Rams, was his mom's birthday.