Local drummer performs in Super Bowl Halftime Show

Monday, Feb. 4, 2018
News 12 @ 11

Some people watch for the game, others like the commercials, but all eyes are usually on the halftime show.

"It's not something I was expecting," Joshua Montgomery said.

Joshua Montgomery had a better view than most at the Super Bowl. He was in the drumline.

"The city of Atlanta or whoever was putting together the Super Bowl were looking for a professional group to perform with Maroon 5," Joshua said.

...And his Atlanta group got the call, sharing some screen time on one of the most watched events in the world.

He calls it his two seconds of fame caught on camera.

"It's a dream I never had, but a dream I guess I got to live this past weekend," Joshua said.

Joshua grew up in Augusta playing in the marching band at Lakeside and then taking his musical talents to UGA.

"I decided for whatever reason that I wanted to try drums because I thought it was cool and I was pretty bad for a little bit, but I really loved it so I stuck with it," Joshua said.

Good thing he did because it payed of. Joshua says the Super Bowl is the biggest crowd he's ever performed in-front of.

"Playing for people is actually one of my favorite things to do," Joshua said. "I haven't done it recently so that was a nice thing to kind of scratch the itch a little bit."

Joshua says the whole experience flew by.

"It kind of came out of nowhere and you know we walked into the Dome and it was like wow I can't believe I'm in this place," Joshua said.

Even though he didn't get to talk to Adam Levine or the other stars in the Dome, Joshua says it was a moment he won't forget.

"Of course that was a pretty surreal moment, seeing the guys that make the music that you hear and sing along to," Joshua said. "And having Adam Levine kind of give us a shout-out during rehearsal was pretty cool."

Joshua says it actually came as a surprise to a lot of his family while they were watching the Super Bowl. He got a lot of screenshots and videos from friends who spotted him on TV. His mom tells News 12 she is one proud mama.