Local company gives back to Richmond County Sheriff's Office in honor of fallen investigator

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Friday, Dec. 13, 2019 AUGUSTA, Ga (WRDW/WAGT) --

It's been three weeks since Richmond County Investigator Cecil Ridley lost his life. The night he was shot he was taken to the hospital in a patrol car. His colleagues say they knew they needed to get him to the hospital fast so they put him in the back seat of an undercover Tahoe. Now a local company is giving back to the Richmond County Sheriff's office in honor of Investigator Ridley.

A few weeks ago Todd Cory's office got an unusual call from Richmond County in regards to cleaning the same car.
"When we received the call initially I requested that one of our office team members give a call back and see if the call was in regard to investigator Ridley's passing," Cory says.

The Sheriff's Office called to get a quote for cleaning it. Instead, Cory's team called them back and said they'd do it for free. He says it's a chance for his company, Servpro, to honor Ridley, who gave the ultimate sacrifice.
"Everything that we can do, even if it's a small thing like cleaning a vehicle it matters. If everybody will get on board and do something like that then we can really make a difference."
It's also a chance to remember Investigator Ridley who died in the line of duty, fighting to end violence. A fight that another deputy will continue in this vehicle.

Cory says they don't just want to give the vehicle back to Richmond County, they want to escort it there. They say they'll either have deputies or the ServPro fleet escort it back.
They hope to do that on Monday or Tuesday.