Sheila's Baking Company makes plans to call North Augusta home

Thursday, November 28th, 2019

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. ((WRDW/ WAGT))-- Baking has always been one of Sheila Martin's favorite things to do.

Martin, the owner of Sheila's Baking Company, said, "I always loved baking, my mom baked and cooked all the time so that's kind of my first introduction to it."

One ingredient really got her hooked.

"I kind of got intrigued by the magic of dough and how it rises from the yeast and stuff like that," said Martin.

About two and a half years ago she moved to Georgia to get a little more experience in baking large quantities. Shortly after, her brother, who lived in Tennessee, introduced her to the idea of a food truck.

"He was like we have this little doughnut truck that's in a converted school bus and he's like you should come out here and see this," said Martin.

After seeing it, Martin got to work on her own and opened up Sheila's Baking Company a year ago. She first started selling her pastries in Evans.

She said, "The people in Evans just kind of jumped on board like that supporting me and basically they grew my business for me."

Then she began selling them in North Augusta with the hopes of opening a storefront a few years from now, but in an unexpected turn of events that day came sooner than she thought.

Martin said, "After I wrecked the first bus and I needed a second one, I felt like it was a little pointless to invest in an entirely new food truck that was fully outfitted."

She did buy a new food truck but not one she could bake. Instead, with a little push from her family and a few others she decided to also open her own storefront.

"It was always a huge dream but I never really talked about it a whole lot because I was afraid it wouldn't happen type of thing, but now that it is it's just a little bit shocking," said Martin.

As for the secret to her success... "The secret is a lot of mistakes, a lot of trash cans full of failures, full of flops and just a lot of technique and I have a couple other secrets thrown in there that I'll keep to myself," she said.

Martin is just happy to be a part of the community, "I love baking like crazy, but when I can get that and share it with someone else and they're like 'oh my goodness this is so good' that literally just makes my day, it makes getting up at 1 O'clock worth it."

You can catch Martin's food truck behind Tip Top Taps on the morning of Black Friday and in North Augusta on Saturday, November 30th. After this week, you can find her in North Augusta on Friday mornings and in Evans on Saturday mornings.

Her storefront will be located in North Augusta in the same plaza as Your Pie. She plans to open it in early 2020.