Keeping kids safe on Halloween

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018
(News 12 First at 5)

(WRDW/WAGT) – Halloween is the holiday soothing everyone's sweet tooth, but new facts could take the treat out of the trick.

"You want to tell your kids not to eat the candy until they get home and you can inspect it," Renee McCabe from Kids Safe shared some advice with News 12.

She also tells us to not just look at it, but read the labels as well. Food allergies seem to be a major problem. Doctors say there is a test for that, but when on the go McCabe has another suggestion.

"It's always good to have Benadryl on hand too."

While allergies seem to be a problem, Kids Safe says the real problem is making sure your kids are seen.

"Be seen on Halloween. Twice as many children are killed on Halloween than any other day, so that's really the scariest part of the holiday."

Not many patients were seen at the children's hospital but nationally, numbers are peaking on Halloween night – especially in rural areas

"The issue is there's not access to an emergency department. So there are actually more deaths in the rural areas."

Doctors at CHOG say that if you don't know what your child's allergies, are they have a test for that. The test may also be available through your pediatrician.