Just in time for the holidays, Aiken getting synthetic ice skating rink

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Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2019

Augusta on Ice (Source WRDW)

AIKEN, SC (WRDW/WAGT) -- Aiken is getting a new synthetic ice skating rink similar to Augusta on Ice.

It's called HolidIce, and it’ll be at Citizens Park in Aiken coming November 28.

People will have the chance to skate on fake ice, but you'll still get to use real ice skates. It'll cost $15 to rent skates or only $10 if you bring your own.

"It's not very far from our house, where you guys live is it so we can go there instead of going all the way to Augusta to put the ice skates on, we can do it here in Aiken. Really excited about it," said Jim Tegart, who lives in Aiken.

Jim Tegart and his grandkids are ready for Christmas and what better than grabbing the skates and hitting the ice?

Come November 28, Citizen's Park will transform into a winter wonderland. A field will turn into a synthetic ice skating rink along with a smaller one just for kids.

They'll also have a photo station with Santa. Across the river, the owner of Evans on Ice, Michael Boerner says they're making their ice rink bigger and better.

"We're going to have a rink that's 40% larger than it was last year I'm excited, we've got real ice and now it sounds like there's a nice option for people out in Aiken to get a little skate fix in as well," said Boerner.

They're building it out and adding new attractions.

"Holiday train, smores station, we're going to have some live music," said Boerner.

They are even putting up a light-up putt-putt golf course.

"We've got some special surprises that we’re excited about on the weekends, might involve some real snow," said Boerner.

Whether it’s real ice or the synthetic stuff, it's another chance to strap on the skates down south.

"I know the gentleman that are putting on the one out in Aiken and I'm excited because the CSRA needs more things to do during the holidays," said Boerner.

Evans on Ice will start a little earlier, opening on November 21. As far as the new ice skating rink starting here, there's a three-year agreement with the city to host this rink at Citizen's Park

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