Investigator: Woman who grabbed nursing home patient inappropriately also assaulted blind patient

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Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019

Jatoria Johnson was arrested and charged with exploitation os an elderly or disabled person. (Source: RCSO)

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Investigators tell us a woman who allegedly assaulted a man at the nursing home she worked at may have also assaulted a second patient.

Jatoria Audrey Johnson, 22, is accused of grabbing a patient inappropriately at Golden Living Center on the 3600 block of J. Dewey Gray Circle.

An investigator with Richmond County's C.A.V.E. Task Force says they believe Johnson also punched and hit a blind patient against a dresser in that same room.

Johnson is charged with two felony counts of exploitation of an elder or disabled adult.

The Johnson case is just one of 118 cases investigated by C.A.V.E. in September

"Some of the types of abuse that we run into are physical, emotional, neglect, abandonment, sexual and financial," Shawn Rhodes, the deputy director for C.A.V.E., said. "I know it's a hard pill to swallow. It's just terrible."

Rhodes says most of their cases deal with exploitation, but the Johnson case is different.

"In this instance, there's a healthcare facility regulation group that inspects each facilities and receives complaints," Rhodes said.

Rhodes says they follow up to pick up on any trends. She says new laws also help crack down on who gets hired.

"They do criminal background [checks] on them, and they just broadened it to where they do a nationwide background check as well," Rhodes said.

On top of background checks, a statewide elder abused registry was created last year. It's similar to the sex offender registry, but instead, if you have a history of abuse, you are put on the list and you cannot operate in the business at all.

The measure won't kick in until 2021 to give elder-care facilities 2 more years to complete background checks on current employees and setup procedures for new hires.

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