'I didn't know she would be there': Tasha Daniel in attendance for Dinger children funeral

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Saturday, October 5, 2019
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THOMSON, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- The strength of one brought strength to many Saturday as Tasha Daniel was in attendance for the funeral of three of her children.

"I didn't know she would be there," said Robert Cort, a family friend. "She was able to come on a stretcher."

The funeral started with the family processing into the gym at Thomson-McDuffie Middle School. Those in attendance let out a collective gasp when Daniel was wheeled into the gym in her hospital bed.

Cort has known the family for 13 years. He was one of nearly a dozen speakers at the funeral Saturday, but words couldn't match the feeling of seeing Daniel there.

"She's an encouragement to so many in this community, and they'll tell you that's their encourager," he said. "And to be her voice at this celebration was important."

He said strength is what got him through speaking at the funeral. Strength is what got the community through this tragedy. And strength is what will get them through the tough days ahead.

"When you read #ThomsonStrong or #TashaStrong, there's just a lot more meaning that we feel here," he said.

A #ThomsonStrong poster hung on the back wall of the gym as friends and family spoke about Bryson, Bostyn and Bella. Among them was Danny Dinger, the children's father. His message was simple.
Never take a day with your kids for granted.

"To be able to share that at a time when nobody expected him to say anything, it really meant so much," Cort said. "I admire Danny a lot today."

As the community got closure, they got to deliver a final message to the three children who were taken too soon.

They are loved, and they will be missed.

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